Updated: Jan 5

Fashion is not just clothing to us - we see it as a medium to express who we are. That’s why we decided to go a step further, and revisit the way we design and make our clothes.

For a long time, African women and curvy ladies have been at war with their bodies. We never seem to be able to fit into clothing properly and have adopted the attitude that we are the ones that need to change. When buying new clothes, we are generally stuck in an awkward position where we are forced to get the size that fits our waist or the size that fits our hips! As a team of women here at REPKULTURE, we can totally sympathise.

We realised that the eurocentric standard of sizing just wasn’t going to work for our Customers, so it had to go. We took body measurements from the females in our team and created a tailor-made size guide.

Over time, we will continue to refine our sizing and will be relying on feedback from our Kulture Queens regarding the fit. You can also refer to our new size by clicking here.

In the mean time, keep an eye out for news about the upcoming collection!

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For inquiries regarding an order, please include your order number and the date it was ordered. Ask us about African Fashion.

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